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Sample of our services

Software Development

With set of specialized team, we are ready to fulfil the requirements of Desktop Applications, Web Applications, or other customized services.

Mobile Development

Android, IOS, Windows, Nokia, and Blackberry. Native or cross platforms; you will get your App in your hands, and more important; in your client's hands.

SharePoint Development

We have team with high experience in the different SharePoint versions, whatever your requirements of administration, or development, for your current or new project, surly we will find the team that matching them.

IT Consultancy

A specialized, experienced, and dedicated team in the fields of Project Management, Software Development, IT Infrastructure, Security, And More. Our experienced project managers will lead the project from Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring And Controlling, ending with successful projects.


If you are planning to work on your project internally we can provide you with the whole team; Project Manager, Requirements Gathering Specialist, System Architecture, Developers, Designers, Testers and others. You manage the resource, and we will be sure he is working as per your standards.

Process Automation

A new service that came to Smart Touch, which is designed to automate the service and reduce human work, which leads to reduce cost and time of the customers who do not have to come the office for most of the operations.

Smart Products

Our products are simply Smart!

  • Smart Menu

    Users of Smart Menu will never feel bored while waiting in restaurants, and the common miscommunication between the customer and the waiter will no longer happen.

  • Gate Eyes

    Placed on the parking entrance with our cameras reading your plate number, you won't have to worry anymore about your lost parking access card, damaged remote control, or misusing the parking facilities.

  • Meeting Manager

    Just one place to manage your meetings, starting from meeting request, reminders, follow-ups, materials sharing, as well as full equipment integration such as conference cameras, attendance ... etc.

  • Secure Documents

    If your documents are confidential, and you want to have more controlling and monitoring over them, take them one level over the standard security.

  • New Level CMS

    Unusual CMS, not like the ones you know! We have added multiple logins to support your partners' subpages, with color schemes, and of course with best Responsive Design!

  • Hotel Bot

    You should take a look at the demo to get what is there! Keeping in mind that what is in the demo is just a sample of the full image. For now, have a look to the Demo Video

  • Smart Smart Home

    Our system has full features of all the smart home systems you may have seen before. But don't let the name fool you, it is also a Smart Office, Smart Shop, Smart everything!


Ordering Food Smartly!

What is Smart Menu?

Users of Smart Menu will never experience boring waiting in restaurants and common misunderstandings between a customer and a waiter!

Select Category

The customer will select the food category, then select an item in this category; i.e. “Soups & Salads” is a category and “Lentil soup” is an item in that category.

Item Details

The customer can see all the details of the selected item. Then he can order that item after adding his comments, if any.

Order List

The customer will review the items he has selected and confirm the order.

Call Waiter

The customer can call the waiter and make a special request by choosing from the list and adding comments.


List of rich reports of current and future statistics. Which supports the decision makers.

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One of our sales representatives will contact you for appointment.

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